The mother knits

The son fights a war

She finds this perfectly natural the mother

What could be more?

And the father what does he do?

He runs the store

His wife knits

His son is at war

He runs the store

He finds this perfectly natural the father

What could be more?

And the son the son

What's his point of view?

He hasn't a clue

The son whose mother knits

Whose dad runs the store

The lad who's at war

When he's done with the war

He'll join dad at the store

The war goes on the mother goes on she knits

The father goes on he runs the store

The son gets killed he doesn't go on

The father and mother step

Through the churchyard door

They find this perfectly natural

The father and mother

What could be more?

Life goes on life with the business of knitting

The business of war

The business of business, the store,

The store the store the store

Life with the son who is no more. First published in Kaffeeklatsch Vol. 2 No. 1

After Familiale by Jacques Prévert

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